Monday, April 21, 2008

Vintage Needlework Page ~ The Popular New Cretonnes

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In the process of looking for another article this morning I discovered some "tucked away" ladies pages from "Woman's World Book New Design In Needlework". Although I did not find any date on the pages I would venture a guess mid-1920's or very early 1930's.

One page in particular caught my attention, not only for the array of embroidery and sewing project but the name of the stamped fabric used in making the items. The title of the page is "The Popular New Cretonnes". Most of the Cretonne fabric I have encountered has been very light weight almost sheer fabric, however, the dictionary definition of Cretonne is a heavier unglazed cotton, linen or rayon fabric used for draperies and slipcovers. This definition just didn't fit with a piece of 1890's fabric I owned still with the paper label of Cretonne. It definitely was of a lightweight pretty printed fabric.

So further reading. It is now to my understanding the name Cretonne was used at different periods of time for shall we say for the same fabric but definitely of different weight & textures. It is always an unglazed fabric similar to Chintz but with a dull finish. Very colorfully printed with the lighter and finer fabrics used for making garments.

Ah yes, now my needlework page advertising "The Popular New Cretonnes" makes more sense.

All the colorful stamped areas of these garments are of Cretonne with the remainder of the fabric unbleached muslin.

And aren't they dear!

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