Friday, May 23, 2008

Research in Progress ~ Details Of An Early Wool Quilt

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This quilt intrigued me and at the time of purchase I asked about the history. Although very little information could be provided I do know it was originally purchased in the southwestern part of Wisconsin. So the quilt has laid folded on my bed only to wait until I have more time to do research.

It is a very bold and graphic quilt in a light purple (although it shows on the pink tone in this photo) with the blocks outlined in a tan/brown wool. Large black wool squares alternate with the pattern blocks. The back of the quilt is a whole cloth brown calico. The quilting is very fine running on a diagonal. A black wool twill tape finishes the edge . Thin batting between the layers. I date the quilt about 1880.

So I have decided to post two of the photos on my blog and place this query that perhaps someone might be able to provide more information. Comments are always welcome.

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