Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vintage Vogue Special Design Dress Pattern

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My sister is an accomplished seamstress and while still in high school she won many awards for her beautiful sewing projects. Although our father's mother (our grandmother) certainly displayed skill with the needle in the making of beautiful clothing, I was not blessed with this talent but my sister was. So I asked her if she would consider making me a suit from a Vogue pattern I fell in love with. It was so stylish and up to the minute fashion. Certainly very couture! Even though it was a very difficult pattern to work with, she produced this wonderful 2-piece black suit for me. I did feel very stylish plus it was a very special suit. One that I will always remember. And it is still hanging in our mother's closet!

Although many of the pattern companies did produce highly fashionable clothing patterns, it is the Vogue patterns that I have an infinity, too, and I do reflect back on that "little black suit". So it happened recently I acquired a Vogue Special Design pattern. I learned the period for producing these patterns were from 1939 - 1959.

This particular pattern, #S-4270 was introduced in 1941. A very glamorous pattern accenting the small waistline and full circle skirt. Very stylish, indeed and a perfect dress for dancing to Glenn Miller. I can hear the music already in the background......

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