Friday, November 7, 2008

From The Gatherings Antique Vintage ~ My Sincere Apologies

Visit The Gatherings, to see all of the beautiful antique and vintage textiles I have ~ antique clothing, hats, accessories, children's clothing, vintage bed and table linens, antique children's toys, vintage sewing notions, quilts and so much more!

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My sincere apologies to all my readers both new and old for the loss of my pictures on my blog. My hosting server decided to discontinue their hosting service which has left me scrambling and struggling to remedy the situation as fast as possible. I hope you will bare with me. In the mean time it would be a delight to have you visit my web site to see the photos of many of the lovely estate items I had pictured here. Please feel welcome to visit me here . As I was pondering my above situation I contacted Jewelry Collectibles Design ~ , who designed my blog and The Gatherings Antique Vintage on line web site store, to seek their help and answer to my questions. The answer was a most positive and a definite willingness to help. So with Jewelry Collectibles Design at the helm I am in the process and will be restoring my photos to the blog. Furthermore, if you are in need of someone to design a web site, blog or page I highly recommend Jewelry Collectible Design. I have been more than pleased with the service and ability to give quality and expert design.

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