Thursday, December 4, 2008

Memories of Christmas Past

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Today looking at treasured ornaments of Christmas past brought memories of my own childhood. Christmas with my grandparents in the big farm house, just down the road a ways from where my parents lived, was always filled with festive joy and cheer. The baking and preparation for the special day now that I reflect back on it must have consumed hours of my grandmother's time. Nothing was spared in the baking department for so many delicate treats were made only for Christmas.

Sometimes my sister and I would gather at the kitchen table with my grandfather to make Carmel popcorn balls. Yes, another wonderful treat to eat let alone the fun of making and sharing the good time. Afterwards we might sit to play a game of Chinese checkers or flinch ~ oh, my grandfather was a hard one to beat!

The Christmas tree is another fond memory. As the ceilings in the old farm house were quite high. It seemed each year the tree was so lofty it touched the ceiling. Not that it did but in the mind of a child it was so tall it could have reached right up to the heaven. My eyes were filled with wonderment of the beauty of the tree shining with its strings of blue lights and sparkling ornaments.

Although my grandparents were not wealthy they lived comfortably and could afford some of the newest and latest in Christmas decorations. Now, if you lived and grew up in the 1950's you remember bubble lights! I am sure there were many other fad tree decorations but this is one, I am sure, must top the list from this time period.

If you step back a few generations there were other tree ornaments which were equally very popular such as the tinsel and scrap ornaments of the early 1900's - 1930. Some were handmade from scraps, die cuts, cardboard and tinsel. Although I'm not an authoritative on scrap ornaments I do buy what I like. Many I buy to keep for my own tree while others I buy to sell. Want a trip down memory lane? Here are two offerings which I have for sale right now.

This ornament is handmade of die cut scraps, smaller scraps, red tissue and tinsel.

A close up of the children.

And yet another delightful scrap

To see or purchase these or other scrap & tinsel ornaments from the past please visit me here

Thanks you for visiting and may I wish each and everyone a very Merry Christmas however you celebrate the holiday season.

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