Friday, July 13, 2007

Salesman's Samples Early 1900's Whitework Embroidery Pieces

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I always watch & collect later 19th C - early 1900's lace sample catalogs, sample books and sample pieces and I must admit a fair amount of them have come my way. It is always a treasure to find one of these books or a lot of sample pieces as it provides insight of the type of lace & whitework textiles that were offered. The list and variety does seem endless, too. Here is a wonderful collection of early 1900's salesman store sample pieces of whitework embroidery yardage, eyelet trims etc. Some have the original label yet or printing on the pieces. These would have been samples a salesman would have shown to a store & in turn a store would have purchased the goods to offer to their customer, the consumer. Although there are no indication on any of these samples the country of origin much of this type of goods came from France, Germany, England & Belgium. There are 28 pcs in this lot ranging a few inches long up to 10" or so long. All are machine produced. A lot such as this is always a great resource for researching lace textile available during a time period.

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