Tuesday, July 24, 2007

House Guests

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Living in a muddle of antiques can be somewhat daunting at times especially when it comes to storage . I really try to have organization to my scheme of storing my "for sale" items but even the best laid organizational plans go amiss now and then.

My office, sales room , packing etc room doubles as a guest bedroom so from time to time the "table" alias "the bed" needs to be cleared so we can play host to our house guests. Of course, that means clearing a path around the bed, too, so at the very least they can wiggle their toes and find room to open a suitcase or two!

So with the announcement of house guests coming I have a task at hand which is to ready " the bedroom". But now that I have cleared the bed what to do with the neatly piles of things until our guests depart? Oh yes, there is the problem. Now, if it is put away "too good" I will never find it again but I guess sooner or later all things do turn up. So again, I try to be organized & think out my storage plan. With a little thought I do find a place for every "removed from the bed" item.

Now with the bedroom turned back into a bedroom & no longer a warehouse, cleaned & ready for our guests arrival, I find satisfaction in a job well done. If only it would stay this way!

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