Monday, October 29, 2007

Mother's Little Baker - Matching Mother & Daughter Aprons

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Do you remember cooking and baking with your mother? She teaching you the art of baking those special cookies perhaps? Following the recipe & measuring the ingredients correctly. Rolling of the dough if cut out cookies were to be made. Each shape placed carefully on the cookie sheet for baking. Of course, the best part was the decorating of the cookies after they were baked. Oh, what fun!

Now, on those special baking days, sometimes there was special attire worn such as these lovely mother and daughter matching aprons. What little girl wouldn't like to be dressed just like her mother. And what mother wouldn't have liked her daughter to feel very special. I am sure the mother and daughter that wore these aprons held a very dear bond.

The aprons are home sewn & hand embroidered dating from the 1930's but were a purchased stamped & tinted fabric pattern from companies such as Vogart. The homemaker would then embroidery, cut & sew the pieces of the garment together.

Aprons were so a part of daily life from ones worn for doing household chores to fancy ones for serving teas or Sunday dinners.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Did this article bring back memories or what!!!

I remember being in the kitchen with my Mom when I was a little one, and we DID have matching aprons.

So very cool! My Mom may be gone to a better place but this brought back yet another GREAT memory!!

Thanks SO much!