Saturday, October 27, 2007

Things That Go Bump In The Night !!

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Ghost and goblins, black cats & jack-o-lanterns! Scary things that go bump in the night! Halloween, the night to scare or to be scared!

My childhood memories of Halloween were always exciting ~ of waiting until that bewitching hour of darkness to dress in a "put together costume" from the closet of our mom & dad . Along with my sister we would join a group of friends & merrily be on our way to gather a pillowcase full of treats. Here and there we would meet another group of Halloween revelers exchanging comments and guesses of who each were under the wraps of those disguises. Many of our friends we guessed right away but others were not too revealing. At the end we would return home to dump our loot, to count how many candy bars, lollipops, homemade Carmel popcorn balls, and other assorted treats we had. Tired we snuggled down into our beds and as we drifted off to sleep all spooky images of Halloween slipped off into the night.

Vintage era Halloween costumes are fun to collect as many early ones are handmade usually fashioned without a pattern. Most are simple but others quite intriguing as to the construction of the garment. An adult Victorian costume is always a treat to find and there are times a costume from this era does become available. Not long ago I seen a costume in orange fabric of a flowing gown in long sleeves. The headgear to this costume certainly set this costume apart. The headgear affair was the shape of a bonnet of orange fabric. Tied under the chin with black ties & had wire pointed ears to resemble a cat. This costume did take some creative imagination and fashioning!

The sweet little child's costume I have shown here is from the 1930's - 1940's. It is machine sewn with pasted witches & cats of brown (not black) to the cloth skirt. Possibly from a costume pattern but more than likely fashioned from a little girl's regular dress pattern.

Please enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I agree it does look like a regular little girl's dress pattern where Mom got creative! In any event, adorable!

Jill said...

Loved reading your Halloween memories! Mine involve trick-or-treating and watching the Wizard of Oz!