Monday, March 24, 2008

Decorating with Antique & Vintage Linens

Visit The Gatherings, to see all of the beautiful antique and vintage textiles I have ~ antique clothing, hats, accessories, children's clothing, vintage bed and table linens, antique children's toys, vintage sewing notions, quilts and so much more!

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Have you thought of adding antique & vintage linens to your home decorating style? You don't have to be a collector of antiques to find a pretty little doily that would cozy up to that bed side table to give just the right look. Or the vintage tablecloth with napkins to dazzle your dinner guest.

One of a kind antique and vintage bed or table linens will give your home an inviting distinction setting it apart. Come shop The Gatherings Antique Vintage for all your linen needs. All my items are from the Victorian era to the 1940's with many of them hand made. Other pieces have never been used or only slightly. I am sure you will find many items to fit your home decorating lifestyle.

Thanks for shopping!

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