Sunday, March 9, 2008

Update ~ Hats Through The Ages Pictorial Review

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I have just finished updating the "Hats Through The Ages in Pictorial Review" module on my Squidoo Lens by adding photos and descriptions of three great hats. The first, and I know one of my favorites is a lady's brimmed straw from the Edwardian era. A lovely creation in an interesting natural straw accented with stiffened fabric & a floppy fabric flower. Along with and in this same era, a men's black wool felt derby or bowler hat in excellent condition with a Dunlap label. Last but certainly not least is a vintage late 1950's feather hat by Christian Dior Chapeaux label. Wow! What a statement this must have made at the cocktail party! It certainly would have turned heads! So please take a moment to take a peek.

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