Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Embellishments ~ The Accent Of A Victorian Dress

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Embellishments! The extra touches and accents applied to a dress be it appliques, insets of lace, lace trims, both of hand work or machine trim, or ribbon. All were applied to a Victorian or Edwardian dress with many used in conjunction with each other. Dresses from both of these time periods were elaborately made and embellished. Below are two examples.

A pair of black silk Victorian appliques such as these might have been used on a bodice. The detail of the appliques are quite beautiful and so striking! Want more details on the two extraordinary pieces? Why not check them out here

Another applique in a tape or Battenburg lace. The lovely piece is handmade from machine made tape lace. Starting with drawing or stenciling a pattern on to cloth, the tape is laid on the design and basted to the fabric. The filling stitches (brides or bridges) are then worked to join the tape together. Upon completion of the pattern the basting stitches are then removed lifting the completed work from the fabric. Again, a lovely piece to be incorporated into a garment of the period. Ah, yes, here's the details on this pretty piece. Read here.

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