Friday, September 19, 2008

The Frills Of The Undergarment ~ The Edwardian Era

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The dawning of the 1890's - 1912's became known as the "frills" period in lady's undergarments or lingerie as it was beginning to be called. Froths of lace ruffles worked with beautiful embroidery appeared more frequently on underpinning than the decades prior but not to the extent as at the end of the Victorian era.

This gorgeous slip or petticoat from this time period speaks of the exuberance encompassing the "frills" . Notice the detailing of the panels on the skirt body ~ pin tucks and lace insets is just one of the many fine details.

I think you will agree this is so very feminine. Please allow me without further ado, to provide more details here . If you love this era or earlier please visit me

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La Belle Americaine said...

How gorgeous! Edwardian lingerie is so seductive and sumptuous.