Friday, May 25, 2007

Richelieu Pearls Jewelry Brochure

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In among a few ladies needlework books was this beautiful brochure of Richelieu Pearls. With a little quick research I learned the company was founded in 1911 by Joseph H. Meyer & Bros. in Brooklyn, N.Y. producing Richelieu costume jewelry similulating creamy & colored pearls. I found no date on this brochure but by the style of the ladies clothing my thoughts are somewhere in the 1920's. It is a 4 page brochure is a nice quality full color print. Price range for the necklaces start at $293.00 down to 6.95 each with its own jewel box / case. Most pictured are single strands in varies lengths. One mentions a diamond platium clasp with others a white gold diamond clasp. Also mentioned were different qualities of the pearls. They seemed to be graded by "letters" such as the "Quality PO" group faithfully reproducing the creamy iridescent pearls of the South Sea Islands. With an added note at the bottom of each page "For Your Protection Each Richelieu Pearl Necklace has Guarantee Attached".


Maureen said...

That is absolutely stunning!!! Is this item for sale? You know me, MaryAnn, I'm a jewelry nut and I love pearls. That's a gorgeous piece of artwork in and of itself. Email me if it is for sale!!!

Anonymous said...

I have pearls that were given to my Great-Grandmother from her jeweler father. The original case has the original Richelieu card that came with the pearls. It too says "Quality PO". Do you know what this means other than it is a grading system? What does that grade indicate?

The Gatherings said...

Thank you and I wish I could help you with your question but I don't know. I would assume, too, its a grading system but just what it stands for I don't know.