Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Priscilla Fancy Work Catalogue - Dated 1910

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Looking through old turn-of-the-century needlework instruction books & catalogs provides a wealth of information for study. One such book is the Priscilla Fancy Work Catalogue dated 1910. Most of the offerings are for stamped good the needleworker could purchased for the purpose of embroidering , lace making etc. Over the years I have had many of these catalogs with each offering some unique patterns, however, this particular catalog offers perforated patterns for embroidering lady's (or men's ) hose. Two pages of hosery are shown with 24 different embroidery patterns offered. The description states each pattern is supplied with silk or cotton thread in suitable colors to the style of the pattern unless otherwise specified. It goes on to give the directions for stamping the stockings with the pattern, working the design as any embroidery is done, "padding" that need to be raised and covering with smooth satin stitches, filling with seed stitches between lines of outline stitch or working the flowers in lazy daisy, feather stitch or French knots. There is also a note: for a fee of 15 cents hosery could be sent to the company for stamping of any design offered. So, in other words, one could mail a pair of hose to the company & they would stamp the pattern for the 15 cent fee.

Embroidery patterns to choose from are flora, geometrics etc. Certainly some do have an Arts and Crafts look.

A pair of lady's embroidered stockings from the early part of the 1900's. Excellent condition.

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