Friday, June 8, 2007

The Fine Points of Monograms on Table Linens

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All these wonderful early booklets on a variety of subjects I have purchased recently have been a treasure trove of knowledge. Reading one in particular on "Linens for the Bride" printed for the McCutcheon's, Fifth Avenue, New York City - Linen Specialists For More Than 75 Years has given me an insight on household linens brides of yesteryear might select. Although there is no date to this booklet, by reading I ascertain it is about 1920's. Not only the type of linens recommended for kitchen, bed & bath but the quantity of each of the items for each of these room.

The last page of the booklet reviews monogramming linens. As it states "monogramming calls for so much more than mere embroidery of initials. Monograms must be correct. They must be chosen with discrimination, suitable for the articles on which they are used, and, they must be correctly placed.". This statement gave me reason to ponder about the correct placement of the monogram on the linen. It seems these rules still apply today as they did then. Tablecloths are 4" from the hem on a corner on the diagonal. Napkins are in a corner 2" from the hem on a diagonal. Towels are center at the bottom hem.

I hope you find this as interesting as I did.

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