Sunday, June 3, 2007

A Treatise On Modern DrawnWork by Mrs. Isaac Houck

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A number of years ago when I was visiting family in Ohio the subject of drawnwork lace came up. As I have always had a fascination with this type of lace making it was an interesting discussion only to learn further our small town inspired an author on the subject. Now, I was hooked. I really wanted a copy of this book by this "famous lady". Lo and behold my dear mother was able to obtain for me a copy (even though it is just photocopy I am nevertheless thrilled) to have Mrs. Isaac Miller Houck's instruction booklet on Drawnwork lace. The title of her book "A Treatise on Modern DrawnWork in Color". Written in 1904 this book is the third new enlarged edition. Other editions were 1899 and 1900. It is 43 pages of instruction with engraved drawings . Some engravings show the items in the progress of the work, from attaching to a bar frame, drawing of the threads, hemstitching , uniting different borders and size borders. A chapter is devoted to colored items of various styles & stitches.

Then in the summer of 2006 I was fortunate to purchase a nice collection of unfinished linens in various stages of work. A few of the items were of drawn lace. Now I have a greater appreciation of this lovely lace as I can view the work in progress first hand.

This page shows the drawing of threads and hemstitching.

A group of cloth items in different stages of completion.

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