Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Record of Accounting / Laces & Prices 1919-1929

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So many wonderful things cross my path and indeed, I did find these old accounting records of purchased lace & prices dated from 1919 through 1929 so very interesting. Stamped at the top of these neatly written pages is the store name "Miss Englehart's Studio, Rare Laces, Embroiders and Fabrics" . Looking through the list I can only imagine the beauty of some of the pieces listed as the prices realized did indicate they were truly works of beauty. Such as the Venetian needlepoint tape lace cape (16th Century), one strip of Venetian needlepoint in relief of Punto Tagliato a Foliami 17th Century - at a special price of $4500. Yet on another page a listing for one rare old lace collar in Punto in Aria $500, one Louis XIV blue silk banner with needlework $275.00 or the page with the rare Flemish lace shawl for $2000 and another Flemish lace flounce also for $2000.

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