Thursday, August 2, 2007

c1900 Advertising Miss Flaked Rice Cloth Doll

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"My name is Miss Flaked Rice", ah, indeed, Miss Flaked Rice is an advertising cloth doll from the early 1900's. She is a manufactured doll and more than likely was of printed cloth with both the back and front of the doll to be cut from the fabric and stitched into the delightful doll that she is. This type of doll was typical from this era with many different designs of cloth dolls available. Although I do not know the manufacture of particular doll one company that comes to mind is the Fabric Art Doll Company. Sometimes you will find the manufacturer's name stamped on the bottom of the foot or shoe. However, more often than not no name will be available.

Miss Flaked Rice was an advertisement for Flaked Rice breakfast food. This big girl is quite an impressive 24" tall.

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Jill said...

Fascinating information on this interesting doll!