Monday, August 6, 2007

Follow-up on Miss Flaked Rice Doll

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I decided it was time to pull out my "American Rag Dolls" book to find information on these wonderful printed rag dolls such as the Miss Flaked Rice doll I have photographed in my previous post. Some of the information given in the above book states Art Fabric Mills of New York was producing sheets of dolls from 1900 - 1910. This would be dolls cut from the cloth, stuffed and sewn. Known as printed or lithographed dolls. All the doll's features were printed on the fabric including underwear, stockings and sometimes shoes. After the doll was stitched & stuffed it could be dressed with doll or baby clothes depending on the size.

Not only were dolls produced but animals such as dog & cats. Some of these animals have been reproduced.

A company's marking sometimes was stamped on the foot or possibly along the side. In many cases the markings were either cut off or sewn into the seam of the doll. Which is why many do not retain the marking of the manufacturing company.

Also producing printed cloth dolls besides Art Fabric Mills was the Arnold Print Works. I'll update this as I find more information.


CARole said...

thank you for this information. i found it very interesting and hope that you will write more should you find out more. i love the cats and sold one in my store, which i regret very much. so now i am looking for more.

The Gatherings said...

Thank you so much for your comment. I certainly will publish more information as I come across. There were many different dolls & animals printed by these companies. All fun to collect.