Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bonnets & Hats Through The Ages ~ A Pictorial Review

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In addition to my blog I have created a Squidoo lens to further share my love of antique & vintage textiles. One of the modules I have created is titled "Bonnets & Hats Through The Ages ~ A Pictorial Review. It has been enjoyable & rewarding to create this photographic showcase of ladies headgear. Oh my, how styles do change! I hope you will enjoy it too.

I will be adding additonal photos to this showcase so I hope you will check back often. As always comments are welcome.


KC Bead Designs said...

Your pictorial review of bonnets and hats is very interesting. My grandmother loved hats and wore one to church every Sunday. Your picture of the hat with the veil brought back nice memories of her. Thanks for sharing your photos.

Jill said...

All your things are so beautiful! Keep up the good work!