Friday, September 14, 2007

September - The Beginning of Fall

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September, even in sunny southern California, hints of the fall season are beginning. Our huge maple trees are testimonial to the fact as the leaves start to drift to the ground a few at a time until towards the end of October when we are hit with a barrage. Although we don't have the beautiful fall color show that is predominate of other parts of the country there are still some individual leaves that are so strikingly beautiful. Colors of red & gold mixed with the green & yellow.

I do love to garden so I spend as much time as time will allow planting & caring for flowers. This season I planted a small patch of Black-Eye Susans. Their showy little blooms are providing the most beautiful array of fall colors. Later on when pumpkins are available I will stuff a few in among the blooms to create a festive decorative touch. Decorating the outdoors, to me, is as much fun as decorating the inside of my home.

The fall season is one of the most colorful times of the year ~ may you all enjoy!

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