Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hand Crochet Lace ~ Linen Closet Lesson

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The making of crochet lace is with a single pointed crochet hook in patterns that seem endless. The art of crochet as I read is a very old form of lace making established & known in parts of the world by different name such as pdming (Sweden), pjoing (Norway), shepard's knitting (Scotland) gobelinstch (Germany) and crochet de Bosnie (France). in Scotland the earliest known shepard's knitting was 1812. Most of the examples of crochet lace making here in America dates late 1800's on, although there is documentation of earlier pieces. But for practically purposes if you are collecting crochet the later time frame of items are more readily available.

This type of lace will be found on household linens, garments of all kinds both for children & adult. Lace was made for trims as well as the entire piece worked in crochet. Pattern books abounded to give the lady working instructions for all types of items. Occasionally one finds sample patterns either stored loose, in handmade book form or even just stitched to a paper backing with the names of the patterns neatly penned beneath the pattern. She would always have at hand a sample of a pattern if she needed to refer. If you are collecting, it is always a treat to be able to buy one of these sample books, sample pages or just loose patterns stored in a box.

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