Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Double Irish Chain Handstitched Calico Quilt c 1900

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The Irish Chain quilt is an attractive quilt made up of rows of fabrics in a small diamond shaped. As these diamonds are linked together forming a larger square the pattern of the chain starts to evolve. The Irish Chain was made in single, double & triple pattern. The one I have photographed is a Double Irish Chain made towards the late 1890's or early 1900's. It features a red with black print calico on a white with black calico. The backing of this quilt is also a white with black print but different than the fabric on the front side. This quilt is all hand stitched in a nicely done manner, however, of simple stitches.

A tidbit of history I read regarding the Irish Chain and thought I would share. A quilt made of Irish Chain was considered one of the 13 quilts in a girl's dowry collection. Irish Chain was probably an early quilting pattern although I didn't find any information to document a date.

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