Friday, June 6, 2008

Early 1900 Americana Pillow Cover ~ A Patriotic Style

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To honor flag day, June 14 and Independence Day, July 4, I thought I would post a photo of a early 1900's pillow cover. I think the sentiment of the words say it all.

Pillow tops such as this one were produced by various companies during the late Victorian into the early part of the 1900's. The tops were stamped tinted cotton fabric to be embroidered. Many of goods such as this top were offered through lady's needlework magazines. One such catalog was Priscilla Fancy Work, Boston, Ma. Not only were the offerings pre-stamped but stencils could be purchased through the catalog to be used on a variety of household goods.

Not only were Patriotic pillow tops offered but all types and styles from flora to animals, Arts and Crafts, mottos & figural just to mention a few. The list seems endless just from the amount of covers and variety of covers I have had over the years. Some have been beautifully embroidered while others have been stored away just as first purchased. Alas, our ladies even then had projects they never seen completed.

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