Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Lesson In Tenerife Lace ~ A Victorian Handkerchief

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I love beautiful needlework whether is it hand sewing or lace making. Although I have never been very adept with a needle it does not stop me from the appreciation of beautiful textiles. And I do consider it a joy just to be able to touch pieces from the past. However, for me, it doesn't stop at the point of touching and admiring as I immediately want to know more. Names, how-to techniques, time periods ~ anything connected with the piece. So I am always researching, studying and asking questions. Some identifications come easy and other times not so easy to the point of being elusive. Often these pieces are set aside to be studied again at a later date.

I do have to share with you a lovely Victorian handkerchief ~ now this was an easy lesson. The lace work is called Tenerife. It is a thread work consisting of "spokes" or "wheels". When it is finished it does resemble a spoke or wheel. A number of years ago I acquired a loom to make this beautiful lace. I'm not sure if loom would be the correct term but to me it seemed so. It was round with the diameter being 2". Along the outside edge around the circumference of the piece were upright projections to loop the thread around and across to form the design. Some designs of this thread work can be quite breath taking.

This silk handkerchief consist of two narrow bands of drawn thread work plus the wider band of tenerife. Notice how the Tenerife does look like spokes or wheels. The handkerchief is silk as well as the threads of the Tenerife lace. A well preserved hanky ~ possibly a gift and stored away as it shows no usage.

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