Friday, June 13, 2008

From The Linen Closet ~ Hand Made Doily From Ready Made Tape Lace

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At first glance this doily caught my eye as being rather attractive. Still on a closer look and examination of the lace I became more intriqued with my finding. The "lace" was, in fact, put together from ready made purchased tape braid. There were many such novelty braids used in the making of lace from the late Victorian through perhaps the 1930's. One notable would be a braid used in the making of Battenburg lace. Although the tapes used in Battenburg differs from this braid it is still of a type used in tape lace making. There were many kinds of novelty braids for doing decorative tape lace. All were packaged on card in lengths of 4 yards ready for needle work projects. The particular braid used in the making of this doily is known as turtle braid. As you notice from the photo it does have a resemblance of a turtle ... well, maybe if you use your imagination.

Now, as I show you a close up of the doily I think it will become evident how this particular braid was used to form the cleverly designed lace edging on the doily.

The tape runs both across and length wise to form the lace pattern. Bridges or brides are formed with needle and crochet thread to join and intergrate each of the turtles into the whole of the piece. As you look at the photo again I think one can see each group of four "turtles" in a circle takes the look of a flower. Amazing piece, isn't it!

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