Monday, March 12, 2007

Reflections of the Heart Show

We are only the care-takers of these chosen things that we proudly display and it is our duty to care and pass along to the ones coming behind us. Giving them the knowledge and care to appreciate. These are truly my feelings about antique and collectible collecting. Love is in the "hunt", perseverance of that "hunt", caring for and learning about the treasures I hold so dear.

Textiles in all eras were in part, "a labor of love". Some of course being about sheer necessity. I look with admiration of the beauty & precise handiwork ladies of yesteryear stored away in cupboards, chests etc. only to be discovered again... No matter how small or minute the treasure is, it is my feeling it should be held in high esteem to honor the person who so carefully created it.

My passion is textiles from eras gone by & although I do stock many items from the later years (1930 - 1950's) it is the earlier periods that tantalize me the most.

Just returning from the "Heart of Country" Antique show in Nashville last week I, again revisited a "more gentle time". Textiles were in abundance this time from the worn out praire clothing to fancy garments of silk & satins. If you like quilts there certainly were some outstanding examples. And just when you think you have seen it all something more dazzling comes to light. My purchases were numerous and am quite excited to be offering some outstanding textiles.

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