Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A trip Down Memory Lane

We are only the care-takers of these chosen things that we proudly display and it is our duty to care and pass along to the ones coming behind us. Giving them the knowledge and care to appreciate. These are truly my feelings about antique and collectible collecting. Love is in the "hunt", perseverance of that "hunt", caring for and learning about the treasures I hold so dear.

Textiles in all eras were in part, "a labor of love". Some of course being about sheer necessity. I look with admiration of the beauty & precise handiwork ladies of yesteryear stored away in cupboards, chests etc. only to be discovered again... No matter how small or minute the treasure is, it is my feeling it should be held in high esteem to honor the person who so carefully created it.

Recently I had purchased some McCall magazines from the 1930's partially because of the beauty of the covers but also for the wonderful pages of the most-of-to-date fashions of the day presented by McCall patterns. Each of these stylist garments listed the pattern number underneath so the exact pattern could be purchased at participating stores. As I was looking through these magazines somewhere in my recollections I remembered my grandmother having a couple of large pattern books filled with pages of women, men, & children's clothing as well as useful items for decorative sewing for the home. Again, the pattern # was listed below the item so the pattern could be purchased easily. These books were the size of wallpaper books of today. My sister and I would spend hours (it seemed) looking at these wonderful creations that was "only a pattern away". How my grandmother came in possession of these pattern books I don't know or don't remember. I am sure they would have sooner or later be abandoned for yet a newer look of fashion. Perhaps they were given to her by a store when they were discarding the books.

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