Friday, March 30, 2007

What Is Tape Lace?

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What Is Tape Lace?

Tape lace is a type of lace making using a machine made straight tape braid of various sizes and styles. Probably one of the more known names of lace using this type of tape is Battenburg. Let's follow through an example of Battenburg to give you an idea of how it was done. To begin the design pattern was stenciled on to cloth. Probably some stenciling was done by hand but most that I have seen has been commerically produced . Usually these stenciled patterns would also give the size of tape & amount of yardage to be used for completing the project. The lady would then pick the appropriate size of tape. Following the stenciled pattern she would baste stitch the tape to the pattern. After completing the pattern with the tape braid she would then fill between the tape with many interesting needle lace stitches & fillings including buttonhole stitch. When all work was completed the finished project was removed from the stenciled pattern. Pictured below is a lovely dress front featuring this type of lace.

Looking closely one can see the tape braid overlapping with circles & scrolls to make the design. Fancy stitches are then used to fill between the braid.

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