Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Wonderful World Of Lady's 1940's Hats

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Lady's hat styles of the 1940's got their start in fashion magazines in 1937-38. That jaunty little tilty style first appeared in 1937, continuing through 1945 but was gone by 1947. Disappearing along with the tilt style were many other wild and wonderful 1940's hats. A crown of a 1940's hat stood tall and sat away from the face on the head. Exception was the broad brimmed hat. This hat was fashionably worn squarely on the head or tilted to one side. The exagerated height and width was necessary to balance the broad shoulders of the clothing. Usually these wider brimmed hats were not heavily decorated with millinery trimmings but left plain or with a small amount of trim. On the other hand, small hats were trimmed quite extensive with flowers and a veil. The 40's hats are rarely lined. The size and maker, along with a store name, is usually sewn into the inner hat band.

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