Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Delineator Magazine - The Inside Story / Lingerie

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Oh, the delight of reading old magazines filled with fashion pages. The latest and greatest fashions, in this case, the December 1932 issue of Delineator magazine. The story line of this one particular article was presenting the newest of lingerie for the smart women. Talking about nightgowns from this time period "they are growing more and more like evening gowns". They touch the floor and are in shimmery silk satins, rayons or other luxurious fabrics. Many with spaghetti straps & plunging necklines. And yes, the article goes on to state a bed jacket to match the gown is most definitely a plus.

Negligees, according to the next paragraph are defined by uninhibited colors. The cherry-red velvet and the mandarin satin are two very sought after colors. Possibly if for traveling the colors could be more subdue with the shades to wine red & mulberry but would go no further.

Oh but these do make wonderful Christmas gifts. It is one gift every girl and woman is certain to like & be pleased to receive.

As I read this last statement even with the passing of decades since the article was written girls and women still appreciate receiving fine lingerie.

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