Sunday, November 11, 2007

Old Friends & Loyal Customers - California Collectors Doll Show

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The one and only show I participate in anymore is one held once a year. It is sponsored by the California Doll Club at the Community Center in Garden Grove, Ca. This year's event was held yesterday. True to form it was a beautiful and well attended show. Since it is so close to the up and coming holidays it always has a Christmas theme with many dealers offering for sale antique & vintage Christmas items as well as beautiful dolls & related items.

I have sold at this particular show about 15 years and it just seems to get finer with each passing year. This year no exception. Although I don't collect or sell dolls I find I always have had a nice business with a good customer base selling children's playthings, doll & children's clothing etc & Christmas.

It is always a social time for me, too, as it is a time to spend a few minutes with dear customers & friends. Many I only see this one time a year.

Thought I would share a few pictures with you.

Feather Christmas tree circ 1930's - 1940's. This particular 4 ft tree was found still in the original mailing box. Tree is decorated with paper scrap & tinsel ornaments from late Victorian / early 1900's. In the foreground are early paper covered Christmas gift boxes - many with holly motifs. Boxes such as these date from the 1920's to late 1940's. These boxes have been highly collectible in the last number of years.

Young lad's brown leather high top tie up shoes dating early 1900's. Very little wear to this pair. A group of early 1900's wooden building blocks & flag parade bunting.

Seated on bench and old handmade Raggedy Andy teamed with leather stuffed dog rattle c 1920's.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely precious! I hope you did well, had fun and enjoyed the day. Your offerings are gorgeous!!