Saturday, November 3, 2007

Updating my Squidoo Lens ~ Collections

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I have been updating the "Collections" catagory of my Squidoo lens adding a few more photos & text of more interesting items that could be collected. The most recent photos are of children's ABC feeding dishes and Royal Doulton Bunnykins dishes.

A number of years ago while attending the Brimfield, Ma. flea market I was intriqued by a Bunnykin feeding dish of a bunny dressed as a Santa. I do care for those soft little critters with the wiggley nose, maybe partly inspired by childhood books of Mr. Wiggley, so I do collect. Mind you, not every bunny item as I am selective, however, this particular feeding dish did command my attention. Later in the week still shopping the market I found a dealer who was offering many Bunnykin dishes for almost half price of the going price I had been seeing. But I became very choosey buying only signed Barbara Vernon pieces. It is a small collection but a fun collection. One which was assembled in about 6 months time as I found it was fairly easy to obtain even though I was selective.

Visit the latest additions to the collections on my Squidoo lens.

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