Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Paper Mache Turkey Candy Container ~ A Thanksgiving Past

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This delightful turkey made of paper mache was a Thanksgiving decoration. He is also a candy container. Many of the containers had removable cardboard cylinder bottoms for inserting candy. Still, on others the head of the containers were removable. Although this guy is small in size measuring 4" tall ,he certainly would not have held more than a piece or two of candy. Turkeys, such as this one, were made in a variety of sizes with many imported for the American market from Germany in the early 20th C. In later years Japan also entered the market. The German containers are very detailed including good colorations. Usually the Japanese candy containers were not as detailed. Some of the early 20th C turkey containers also had feet of metal or springs at the neck for limited movement.

As you can see this guy is very colorfully painted and still sports his original price tag of 69 cents! This container dates later 1940-50's. Notice his metal feet.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

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