Wednesday, December 19, 2007

19th C Victorian Hair Memorials Keepsakes

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Hair memorials whether made into jewelry, woven into wreaths and pictures or small locks of hair sometimes placed in a locket were a remembrance of loved ones or friends. We normally associate these memorials being made after someone was deceased but not necessarily so as they were also keepsakes of dear ones who might have moved away or soldiers who were away fighting in war.

I have several lovely framed examples of hair keepsakes. The first one is signed Henrietta Livermore, June 1, 1813. The poem accompaning the the woven lock of hair is very touching...

"Remember me when you away Remember me at dawn of day And when dear heart this you see O then bestow a thought on me"

Possibly she had presented a woven lock of hair as a love token to someone that was going away. The locket of hair is pinned with a silk bow and attached to paper. I find the plaiting of the hair very intriquing as it does seems intricately made.

The two other hair mementos are both from Ashland County, Ohio. Both are signed but no date, however, I feel they are within the same time frame to the one above. Both of these are in the original frames. The hair on both of these memorials are also attached to paper with a finishing touch of silk ribbon.

Signed John Carver Ruggles, Ashland Co, Ohio

Signed Obadiah H. Huffman, Clearcreek Ashland Co. Ohio

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