Friday, December 14, 2007

Fine Work Of Art - Hand Duchesse Lace & Drawn Thread Doilies

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I view fine handmade textiles as work of art with some very suitable for framing to be enjoyed as you would a fine painting. Any lovely needlework can be framed taking care it is framed properly as not to harm the textile.

However, my writing this post is to share with you a several lovely doilies from the late Victorian era. None of these doilies are larger than 6" diameter but each display in this small amount of space skill of lace making.

I am particularly fond of drawn thread so this intricate doily I found fascinating as it seems so perfect in scale & workmanship

The other two are of Duchesse Bobbin Lace. Again, both of these are not very large but oh so pretty. The first one is completely Duchesse lace while the other has a very fine linen center surrounded with Duchesse lace.

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For further reading on antique hand made laces, indentification & history read here

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