Friday, December 28, 2007

Victorian Ribbon Art Pincushion & Dresser Runner

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Each time I look at these two beautiful early 1900's ribbon art pieces I find them more intriguing. A lovely matching pincushion and dresser runner in a rose motif made of 1/4" narrow rayon ribbon (or rayon silk ribbon). The ribbon work is applied to a background material of a loose weave cotton mesh. Worked, I would say, much as counted cross stitch would be done. The ribbon is drawn from the backside to front counting over so many holes on the top side then drawn down to the back again. It seems to be of single layer although a certain amount of the ribbon is partially worked over the next creating a "padded" or raised flower motif. The roses are worked in two colors of pink. Green for the leaves and a golden for the branches. Most of the roses are 2" to 3" in diameter and with that in mind it would have taken quite a bit of ribbon yardage to complete this lovely project.

I am sure this was an instructional project that could have been purchased or a pattern offered in one of the lady's fanciwork magazines of the day.

This lovely set is available here

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