Thursday, February 7, 2008

Restoration or Not? ~ Lady's Edwardian 1920's Fancy Dress

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Some times it is hard to pass up buying a lovely creation even though is does have damage. Such was the case of this dress from the late Edwardian - 1920's era. It is of gorgeous silk satin in a cream with extensive hand sewn pearl work ornamentation. The bottom portion of the dress is of a silk lace in a pretty floral pattern. Such a lovely piece of art had to been made for a special occasion and what could have been finer than perhaps a wedding. Certainly ramblings of thought, but still there are hints the dress was worn for a celebration.

Even though the damage is not terribly extensive there is enough that possibly the dress could not be restored, yet too lovely to discard.

I am a firm believer in preservation but I am also quite aware if a textile can't be restored or even enjoyed as it is that perhaps bits, pieces and parts can be recycled into something new. Again giving life and purpose to a beautiful piece. I think we have found this true throughout the generations past. And a perfect example of this would be recycling fabrics no longer usable in their former state but given new life in quilts. How many wonderful little tidbits were added to quilts through the ages.

So it is with this dress. If you would like to read a more detailed description of this dress please click on the link below.

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Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi - I'm delighted to have found your blog and have spent an enjoyable half hour or so viewing the items you are selling on Ebay. I have marked a few to watch and will email you for shipping prices to the UK.

I'll be back to read your blog posts!