Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Shopping At The Heart of Country Show ~ Nashville

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I had a grand time shopping at the antique shows in Nashville this time. The weather certainly didn't co-operate very well but the sellers were the best and gave it their all inspite of adverse weather.

Opening day for the first show dawn overcasted & downright cold. Just about opening time the snow flurries began to fly and in about two hours an inch or so of snow had built up on seller's table displaying in the outdoor spaces. Nary to say, not many dealers had much displayed outside as most tables and furniture were tarped. However, the rooms inside the hotel were warm and filled with wonderful merchandise. I always manage to find a few incredible pieces. Some so fragile you wonder how they survived the years. Others items I didn't even know existed. One dealer's room I especially liked as it was filled with textiles. This was a rag dealer's dream!!

The Music Valley show opened the second day. Weather was better with a warming of temperature and the sun shining down. It did put a smile on many a dealer (and buyer's) face. Again, I found some wonderful treasures. Probably my prize were two 1830 - 1840's wooden dolls. Pictures of these dolls will be posted in the future so hope you will visit my blog again soon.

It was a hurried three days of shopping and now I am busy unpacking my finds.

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