Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lady's Victorian Combing Jacket, Sacque or Morning Jacket ~ What Purpose Is This Garment?

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There are different words used for this Victorian lady's garment whether is it called a combing jacket, combing sacque, morning jacket or morning sacque. All are correct terms, however, in my opinion the the words combing jacket or combing sacque seem to be the most prevelant term used. As the name implies it is a garment milady would have worn for combing or brushing her long locks of hair protecting her clothing beneath.

These jacket or sacques were made in many styles but always short as pictured above. Some buttoned as the one above or tied with pretty silk ribbons. Some are extemely fussy with yards of lace & glorious ribbons while others were more simple in style and ornamentation. Cut of the jacket and the style of sleeves were dictated by the era as the combing jacket was worn from the middle 1800's into the Edwardian time period.

This jacket featured dates about 1890's and is of a nice quality pique cotton. Small peter pan collar edged in eyelet whitework. This trim also compliments and accents the yoke of the front of jacket as well as the edge of the sleeves. At the bottom hem line near the front opening a monogram of the intials M.Y. are beautifully hand embroidered. The buttons of the jacket are of a linen covered button. A button such as this is also used on household bed linens such a button back shams, mattress ticks and of course found on lady's underclothing.

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