Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Ribbons, Frills, Feathers - Mylady's Hat Trimmings

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I had the good fortune recently to buy several ladies hats dating about 1900 - 1905. In looking at these hats it was very apparent of the complexity of each one. A milliner's delight to be sure! And the cost of the finished product certainly might be astounding especially created by a milliner of high repute. As the hat grew ever-increasing in size from this era so did the proportion of trimmings. Yards of silk, satin & other ribbon along with silk or velvet flowers would have surely been a must. Of course, feathers and more feathers giving rise to heights of these hats. Also available were cut steel trim pieces, jet novelties, buckles & netting.

Many of these novelty trims could be purchased from Sears, Roebuck and Co. such as the cut steel, jet and buckles. A fabric spray of American Beauty roses sold for 25 cents, silk ones for 32 cents.

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