Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Early 1900's Salesman's Samples - Silk Ribbon Rosettes

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As many of you know I have a passion for beautiful ribbon art from the early 1900's so I am always looking for beautiful examples. To my astonishment I found these two salesman's sample cards of some breathtaking ribbon rosette work in a booth at an antique show. Furniture dominated the booth so I was so surprised to find these cards so seemingly out of place. Not that I shouldn't have found them but it seemed to be more unlikely.

The cards are made up of some of the most beautiful and intricate pieces as well as ones I see more frequently. Large rosettes measuring 5" or more in diameter to the ones about 1". And of course, all in the delectable colors of this time period. These were cards a salesman would have carried and shown to his potential customer. A small tag is attached to the card along side of each rosette (although some of those tags have disappeared over time) with the number and cost of each item. The customer could then place the order with the salesman.

Don't you wish we could place our order right now for these?

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