Saturday, July 19, 2008

Antique and Vintage Fabrics ~ Do You Know These Names?

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Here is a very useful little booklet published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Farmers Bulletin No. 1449, dated March 1926. This particular booklet is titled "Selection Of Cotton Fabrics". Now if you were studying this booklet it would include chapters on uses for various fabrics, weaves, finishes and dyes. Really a learning lesson here! . However, it is the glossary that intriqued me the most as to the names of some of the cottons. Of course, we all know what broadcloth, swiss, velveteen and percale fabrics are but here are some lesser known names ~ Shaker flannel, Tarlatan, Birdseye diaper and another one called apron checks.

The definition of apron checks is a gingham woven with small checks of white and blue or other single color. Usually made of coarser yarns than dress ginghams. Uses: Aprons. Ah yes, today we called this fabric homespun. Not a true homespun but a mill or manufactured homespun . Today the colors of mill homespuns are eagerly sought after with the blue and white leading the way and yes, you will see many aprons made of this fabric. And no, I have never heard this fabric referred to as apron checks.

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