Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Victorian Maltese Cross Silk Bobbin Lace Flounce

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The excitement of wanting to share another special purchase from the collection I bought last Tuesday was just too overwhelming not too share! Wow! What a gorgeous 19th C lace flounce. It is silk Maltese Bobbin Lace

If you look close you will see very fine detail of the wheat ears and Maltese Cross. Looking at the flounce I vision it broken into three sections. The upper portion or border along the neckline, the center section and the lower border of Maltese crosses along the scalloped edge. The center portion gives the feeling of being circular in motion with "wheels" of the dainty size wheat ears. Larger ones scroll along the top of these "circles". Three-pointed leaves form a row along the bottom edge of the circles.

The flounce measures 27" along the edge of the neckline. It is 7-1/2" wide. A very impressive size.

I can't imagine the time it took to make this flounce. I also wonder about the person who wore this lovely creation. Don't you?

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The Cochrans said...

The lace is a magnificent piece of work, by an artist whose name we'll never know. I enjoyed the post on the depression era quilt, too, it's like a fine mosaic!

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Bliss Cochran