Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Update On Handmade Maltese Bobbin Lace

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I have been admiring a collection of silk handmade Maltese Bobbin lace doilies or mats and have written a post on my blog regarding a set of four a week ago. One single doily from this collection did catch my attention. It did not appear to being damaged but looked to be join as I could detect a loose silk thread interwoven in the piece. I am aware, as many who love and study old lace that indeed pieces are made in separately and then joined to form the whole unit.

So an email was sent off to my lace guru to give me answers to my question. Here is a photo of the doily in question.

If you notice at about 2:00 o'clock a faint thread line works its way from the edge towards the center. Below is her reply

"Handmade Maltese Bobbin Lace. Traditional peach silk. Yes it is made in sections joined. This lets more than one person work on a single item, to share the work, speeding production. There are three pieces in this one mat. The center cross and its ring of tiny leaves is one piece. They've hidden the join very well. The ring with large leaf motifs is made in a circle with the join at 2 o'clock in the center of one leaf. The outer ring of flowers is made as a curved edging with the join at 2 o'clock position. Well done! Each of these pieces takes a "few" bobbins. If the mat were made all at once, it would have all the bobbins working at once, slowing the process. It can be done of course, but time is money, and quickness is important. One person, one week production, vs one day, three people."

I would also like to give recognition to this special lady. Should you have questions regarding lace please send her an email. She would be happy to send a list of fees for her service. You can reach her at dankate at

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