Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Tuesday Morning Appointment ~ Buying Victorian Clothing

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Out of the blue last week I was contacted by a client who wished to sell her Victorian and Edwardian clothing (mostly children's), laces, trims and a few other assorted cloth items. She has a collection of artist bears and purchased many pieces of clothing for a complete wardrobe for her bears to wear. Oh my, what a prize collection of garments those bears had to choose from!!

After a few emails and a phone call we set up an appointment for this past Tuesday morning. As she was within a half hour driving distance from me it was an easy appointment to get to. Upon arriving I did recognize her as being a buyer from Linda Mullins Teddy Bear Show in San Diego. I had sold at Linda's show for many years and had many clients who purchased my children's clothing, laces, trims & collars to dress their bears. So as I looked through her pretty things we talked about the show and other stores around the area. It was quite a delightful morning.

As I left her home with my newly acquired purchases in tow my thoughts were with the lady I just left. Even though I am only the caretaker of these items for alittle while I feel compelled to find a suitable home for each and every one of these treasures.

I thought I would show you a few of my purchased items ~ ~ ~ ~

A lovely Victorian vest made of Valenciennes lace insets alternating with rueshed lawn fabric.

Hand made Duchesse Lace yardage - oh is this yummy!

Torchon Bobbin Lace edged linen center handkerchief - unused condition.

A delightful yoke never used. Made of darn net lace with a great motif of birds, flora, and geometric design.

For further details on these items please read here

I will be posting other photos of this fabulous collection so will keep you updated.

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