Saturday, April 21, 2007

Children's Clothing - The Correct Length According to Age

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Looking through some purchases I made recently on some wonderful needlework books, one in particular I was further drawn to. The title is Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences, Scranton, Pa. The subtitle is Children and Misses' Garments. This book is dated 1922. As I am very interested in children's clothing the subtitle caught my eye so I had to give this book a peek. One of the paragraph I read is a guide to correct skirt length for children & misses. Although it stated to take in account skirt lengths for children are subject to change just as adults fashion changes. Dress lengths being worn short one season and comparatively long other seasons. Also to consider the individual child taking care of her proportions. It goes on to state a guideline of skirt lengths for each age saying 6 months - just long enough to cover the ankles, 1 year - to the top of the shoes. 18 months - half way down the legs. 2 to 6 years - just above the knees. 7-11 years - knee length showing the bend of the knee. 12-14 years depends on the development of the girl with a length just at the back of the knee to 2 to 4 inches below the bend of the knee. Reading this reminded me of my own childhood and the length of dress my sister and I wore. Even 25 or more years later there was still protocol for the correct length of a child's dress.

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