Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Edwardian Wide Brim Wire Frame Hat : A Follow-up

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Earlier I had posted an article on a wire framed Civil War era bonnet and as a follow-up to that post I wanted to share with you an Edwardian wide brimmed hat that is also partially made on a wire frame. As you can see by the photo the brim of this lovely hat is made of wire to form the stiff brim. Over the framework in a circular pattern horsehair braid trim is then attached. The width of this horsehair is about 1-1/2" wide & there are two patterns that form the brim. The inner one has a slight stripe effect while the outer one at the edge of brim is a wavy with scallop edge. The remainder of the hat is not wired but of a circular pattern of yet another horsehair braid. Each coil wound around, stitched to the next and then repeated. The hat is finished with a silk satin ribbon to form the hat band with large bow. Completely lined in black silk inside the crown. This hat dates about the mid to later Edwardian period.

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