Friday, April 13, 2007

Ribbon Art - Early 20thC Fancy Needlework

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Magazines & needlework books of the late Victorian / early 1900's were filled with patterns & directions for making beautiful items from ribbon. Ladies would fashion from moires, failles & printed water taffeta ribbons wonderful creations of pincushions, sewing bags, thimble & needlecases plus other sewing items. Their creations were not limited to just sewing articles but items for the dresser including all types of little bags, hanky cases as well as many numerous other creations. Many of these ribbon articles were in combination of other types of needlework including crochet & embroidery. Some quite fanciful and quite elaborate. Many were bestowed as gifts for special occasions, thank yous and remembrances. I have found many of these little treasures tucked away with hand written notes from the giver. One such is this printed flora taffeta ribbon sewing bag. Crochet lace work forms the top of this little bag. Purple silk ribbon were added to hold or hang the bag. This lovely piece in mint condition had been a gift & lovingly stored away.

Notice the ribbon is gathered in a circle with the crochet work finishing the center. The ribbon handles were attached to the top. A gorgeous purple flora print ribbon.

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